The Big Pond

Dinosaurs are people, too.

The Cretaceous Era characters deal with their problems like modern people, with sardonic humor and wit. Unlike conventional family-oriented strips, our characters are defined as species rather than individuals. Some are nurturing, some are rapacious, some are oblivious, but all of them have personality.

Life goes on around the Big Pond.

The comic strip is written by Robert Crisp and drawn by Andrea Dagmar Brown, a rare happily married couple who work together and still speak to each other. They have produced award-winning music videos (see Zombie Love, for one) and regularly perform together in their rock'n'roll band, Dagmar and The Seductones. We invite you to visit our sites to see our bios and hear our music.

Dad and Skipper

The Plesiosaur

The Baby T-Rexes


T-Rexes Meet the Bronto

Pteronodons Meet T-Rex

The Gals and The Flowers

The Fighting Triceratops

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